Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday, Oct. 21: Quick Morning Grumble. . .

Wow. Some of the people I have followed on Twitter seem to do nothing but post: it's like having a stand-up comedian in the family--constant suggestions, one-liners, demands for attention, memes, cute comments. Exhausting! I have the feeling that people who have a brand affiliated with them (Google, I'm looking at you) have more of a fire in their bellies as it's their job??? Maybe???

Also, I am finding Twitter to be the home of the "SUG" (sweeping, unsupported generality): Wed's Twitter chat devolved into a one-liner gripe fest about what extrinsic motivation was and how it was terrible and "good teachers never use" it. Frankly, I consider myself an effective, dedicated teacher, and I have used at least most of the "never use" techniques in my 30 years: sarcasm--some kids thrive on it!; threats--not all kids come to homework club because they want to!; even physical contact. . . . And there are all kinds of levels of extrinsic motivation and some of them, used with discretion, are highly effective, ethical, and even fun--but there's neither time nor characters to raise that point as we're swirling along, so the SUGs seem to rule the day.  I am not crazy about opening my Twitter account to find 57 new messages all lecturing, hectoring, and advertising (to) me.

Maybe I do need to follow more knitting posts!