Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday, Oct. 22: Mind Muddle

So: it's Saturday morning, and I have an hour or so before I need to get going on some "other life" issues like finding shoes for the wedding my beloved and I are attending this afternoon (though it's a wedding of two former students, one a current colleague, and the other the son of a past colleague, so is that still school-related? AHH!). . . .

I am reading blogs for my PBE class. Many have interesting ideas. Many offer links to other interesting ideas (the links on that link [sorry] weren't even the focus of the entry I was reading!). I also have read my chapters in Prensky's Teaching Digital Natives book, and he's got lots of ideas. I have a class of 10 extremely individualized students; I also act as a consultant to the teachers in my learning area and, specifically, some in the science department. All these ideas I bump into have connections to various students, classes, units, teachers, conversations, needs, and questions I've been mulling over in the past week, month, quarter, reform movement, and even my whole career. At the moment, I feel like one of those illustrated talks that ends up in a huge cartoon with arrows and exclamation points everywhere: it's all exciting, but it's also huge and overwhelming.

I think I need some exercise, a change in the weather, less coffee (!!), and a deep breath.

I'll be back in a bit. And I'm staying away from Twitter till the hysteria in my brain subsides a bit!

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