Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday, Oct. 28: Poised for Action!

Hey, guess what? It's been busy around here lately! Go figure! That said, I am extremely delighted to be facing a weekend that features only the usual commitments: a run on Saturday, a swim and church on Sunday, food shopping, a phone call to my mama, laundry, bread baking, leisurely coffee on Saturday morning, taking out the trash. . . . AND my Module three work (halfway done Sat.: I'm on a roll!), some of which will show up here.** I am still trying to figure out a few things, like how a blog is different from a web page (a square is to a parallelogram as a blog is to a webpage, maybe?) and whether I have actually created an RSS feed on my blog or just a blog roll. However, I'm ready to move forward! At the moment, I have a purring cat wedged between my knees and the laptop (her choice, not mine):

and I am going to try to write my Mod. 3 Discussion!

Here is the screenshot of what I am currently considering my "RSS feed." As I mentioned above, some apps have different names for the same thing, and Google/Blogger didn't offer much by way of "how to use an RSS feed to follow other blogs"--it got unclear whether I was offering to update other followers when I posted, or vice versa. So: here's what I've got right now:

True confessions: I have been adding to the blog roll as I've been finding tweets or articles that interest me. At one point, it *was* five blogs long, but then I ran into David Rickert's English-flavored tech posts, and of course I am interested in Maine-based stuff, so Matt Drewette-Card's blog appeals. . . . I will probably pare some down, as I don't think, for example, that Becca Redman posts much. But: here's a start. 

Here are my comments: 

AND on effective PD; on the same blog as the first one, different post: 

**Of course, I just remembered my school tasks, which include writing three recommendations, finalizing grades for Tuesday when the quarter closes, planning our learning area's CAI (Curriculum and Instruction) meeting for Monday, starting to put together the budget which is due (whoops!) on Tuesday, and various other bits and pieces. Ah well. At least the trash is out and my bread looks gorgeous!

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